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What is the Sublimation Process? How does it work?
Although sublimation has been around a long time, the equipment necessary to produce these fantastic prints has only recently been made available in more compact sizes thus allowing for printers and decorators to take full advantage of this technique.  Sublimation  is a technique used to print long lasting images on a number of products. Unlike conventional inks, sublimation inks are embedded directly into products under heat and pressure. This process leaves a long lasting, vibrant look that will never crack, peel or fade.

Nearly unlimited options.
Whether you’re looking to print on a shirt or a metal sign, sublimation offers many options to fit your custom printing needs. This process can be used on a number of products ranging from apparel to coasters and everything in between. If you are looking for printed products that will stand the test of time and look great along the way, sublimation is the process for you.

Stylish garments.
Our soft shirt sublimation printing will not crack, peel or flake off. Sublimated shirts leave a permanent, vivid image with a soft-to-the-hand feel. Tees are made with high-quality, 100% spun polyester and deliver the look and feel of organic cotton with the wickability of poly-performance fibers; providing a great fit with a soft feel.

       All over dye sub tshirt

All of the above T's started out white.  The sublimation process literally transforms the white T into a full color shirt.  Millions of colors, great detail, even photographs!  Now you can really imagine it, design it and wear it as easy as that.

** All the above shirts are a high quality polyester. All the shirts are made to order. They can take about 2 weeks to make depending on order quantity. Only 1 shirt can be printed at a time as these are done by hand, not by a machine.  It is normal to expect some unprinted areas at the armpits where wrinkles prevents ink transfer. Unprinted areas appear white or slightly faded around seams and back of collar.**

That's cool.  How much?
This is the best part!  With traditional screen printing methods there are art charges and setup fees, per color, per screen and minimums to buy.  With a digital printing process there are NO MINIMUMS and can be NO SETUP FEES.  None.  Zip.  Ziltch.  And we will print just 1 T shirt.  If you can submit the artwork in the right format we can print it.  1 custom, full color, all over T is just $36.50 and if you do need jerseys for your team there are quantity discounts.  You really can't go wrong with a process like this.  It's simply amazing.

So, I want one.  What now?
CALL US!  We can help with the design process (art charges may apply) or we can provide a template to you to make your own designs.  Once your art is ready, email it to If you have questions, please contact us at 1-888-854-4362 or at and we can help!


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