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Varsity Jackets

While a custom varsity jacket always looks great unembellished, it becomes a individual statement of status and style by adding traditional athletic or corporate logos. Award letters, sport badges, uniform numbers, school names, mascots and other chenille designs can be made to order and sewn directly on to your varsity jacket.


Varsity Jackets - wool with leather sleeves, wool with vinyl sleeves or all wool

We have several in-stock color combinations to chose from. Many of our corporate buyers purchase and customize these stock jackets for employee awards or to promote their business within the community.  We also have several color combinations exclusively MADE IN THE USA, as required by many government and union entities. The best part is that because these jackets are typically in-stock, the turn around time is much shorter.  We can ship non-customized, non-decorated in-stock jackets within 7 days! And if you'd added embroidery or chenille patches it's traditionally only a 4-5 week turn around time. That's a completely decorated, custom jacket to your door!


Lightweight Jackets

Track and baseball jackets are a good choice for spring, summer or fall sports.  Customize your lightweight jacket with various colors, collar styles, embroidery, chenille or tackle twill. If you don't see the exact style you are looking for please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you create a customized look for you!


Fleece Varsity Jackets

This selection of fleece varsity jackets are all the rage! Made with the same material as your favorite hoodie or crewneck, but styled like a varsity jacket. It's a great alternative or fashion statement. Add chenille to give it your own unique look or use this instead of the heavier wool and leather jackets.


Custom Built Jackets

Looking to design your own custom jacket from the ground up? This is the category for you! Pick your colors, pick your styling it's all up to you!

As always, if you are having a hard time finding exactly what your looking for, please don't hesitate to call email us at or call us at 888-854-4362.  We're here to answer questions and get you that dream jacket you've always wanted!



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